Our Direct Access Program
Now You Can Have A Doctor in the Family

In response to Patient requests, we have decided to institute an additional program which is available on an annual fee basis to those who would like to participate.  As more primary care patients enter the health care system, access to primary care physicians will become quite limited because demand will outrun supply. 


The goal of the program is to provide Patients with direct access and expedited access.  As participants in the program, which is on a first-come/ first-serve basis, Patients will be given 24/7 access to Dr. Kazenoff's personal cell phone number and Dr. Kazenoff's personal email.  They will be able to be generally seen on a same day basis with little or no wait.  The service will provide the Patient with access as though they had a Primary Care doctor in their family, someone they can contact directly without going through an answering service or other tedious administrative channels.  Dr. Kazenoff will personally visit the patient in the hospital although the patient will be tended to by an in-hospital physician while an inpatient.


This program is voluntary and will not replace current patient care, but will be a service in addition to the care that patients already receive.  It will be an added service to Dr. Kazenoff's current practice and will not replace the current practice.  The service will not replace or be a substitute for a patient’s health care insurance coverage for medical care in office or at any other facility but will be an added benefit for patients who would like to use it. 


If you are interested in the convenience and comfort of having this benefit, please consult with Dr. Kazenoff. There are discounts for members of a Family who participate.  The service is on an annual fee basis which is renewable at the end of the annual period. 

Get Help When You Need It Most
Cellphone Access
Email Access
No Long Waits To Be Seen By the Doctor
Once you have completed your sign up for the program you will be mailed a package confirming your participation and detailing the program and contact information for your immediate personal use.